East Asia Climate Partnership

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East Asia Climate Partnership (2008 Progress Report and Plans for 2009)


  • In July 2008, President Lee Myung-Bak launched the “East Asia Climate Partnership” during the Leaders’ Meeting of Major Economies on Energy Security and Climate Change at the G8 Summit in Toyko
  • This partnership aims to identify a regional strategy for creating a win-win synergy between the climate and the economy by exploring a new sustainable economy-climate paradigm
  • Korea has committed itself to a 200 million USD assistance package (2008-2012) for developing countries in East Asia and beyond to be used for policy consultations on low carbon development, facilitating technology transfer and mobilization of financial resources, and pilot projects for mitigation and adaptation technologies.
  • This is Korea’s second largest ODA package, showing the country’s dedication to combating global climate change and promoting green growth.

2008 progress report

  • In the first year, 17 projects in 7 partner countries and 4 United Nations organizations were approved. The total budget for the year 2008 was approximately 15 million USD.
  • Types of projects included renewable energy pilot projects applicable for developing countries such as biogas, waste, solar, and wind; capacity building projects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change; funding UN projects by UNEP, UNESCAP, UNDESA and UNDP for awareness raising.

2009 progress report

  • East Asia Climate Forum (May 29) :
    The forum brought policy-makers, experts and civil society in the region to engage in policy consultations to identify issues and challenges in sustaining economic growth while addressing climate change and exploring policy options and responses necessary for the regional strategy of moving towards a new paradigm of Low Carbon Development.
  • Technology Fair for Green Growth (Oct 20~22) :
    The fair allowed the private sector in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable and clean energy to display and disseminate advanced as well as indigenous technologies. The partnership provided assistance to promote greater participation by developing countries.
  • Pilot Projects on Renewable Energy and Adaptation Technology :
    We worked in partnership with developing countries in East Asia, least developed countries, and small island developing countries to fund pilot projects on renewable energy, mitigation and adaptation technologies. The budget for 2009 was approximately 31 million USD.